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He First Loved Us | NYC Engagement Session | Tim + Stephanie | NYC Wedding Photograper

When you are looking for love, find someone that looks at you the way Tim looks at Stephanie OR find someone that looks at you the way Stephanie looks at Tim. There's no doubt that they love each other. Both Tim and Stephanie are very elegant and sweet people! We had the most fun shooting their engagement session in Gantry Plaza State Park, Long Island City, New York City and Astoria Park, Queens, New York City.

Tim and Stephanie met through mutual friends in Astoria, Queens, New York. They knew each other for a few years before they started dating. When we decided a date for their engagement session, it was actually super awesome because they literally just celebrated their 3rd anniversary! What a perfect way to celebrate with a Gantry Plaza State Park engagement session with a NYC skyline!

What so special about their love story is that their relationship has drawn Tim closer to God. I got chilled every time I share this! It's so amazing! I think in general, when you date someone, you should make each other better, right?? :)

Tim, Stephanie, and I have video chatted a few times before their NYC engagement session at Gantry Plaza state Park. It makes our session so much more intimate and fun! What I love the most about them is their love for God, for each other, and the way they think about marriage. Not every couple I met think about marriage the same like these two. In our initial contact, they specifically mentioned that photographers that value marriage like they do is their number one requirement. And I love that. Justin and I value marriage as a sacred institute that God gifted to human race, so that's what we pray and hope for our couples!

Yes, I mentioned that they have faith, not just regular faith, but big faith. As a wedding photographer, I tend to look at the weather forecast whenever we have a wedding/engagement session/other photo session scheduled. When I arrived in New York, I checked the weather all the time and it kept saying that it was going to rain, so as their photographer, I suggested a plan B, an indoor venue for their engagement session. BUT, Stephanie kept telling me that she has faith that the weather will be on our side.

So, that morning, Justin and I went to Hillsong NYC with big faith and hope. After the church gathering, we went outside to find out that it was raining. We all prayed that by the time we arrived at Gantry Plaza State Park the rain will stop.

And it did. It literally stopped minutes before we arrived at Gantry Plaza State Park! Praise the LORD!! Yes, it's a little overcast, which was awesome for photography purposes, but not only that. It was also good because there was less people and it was not as hot like the day before!!

Tim wore a black button up shirt. It looks very nice on him! Stephanie wore a beautiful, flowy, flowery dress. Wow. She looks stunning! Her sister did her makeup and she looks amazing! Did I also mention that they are also photographers? Check out their work here!

NYC skyline

Gantry Plaza was such a nice park. With the New York Skyline in the background, a huge and cute Pepsi-Cola sign, and beautiful trees planted all around, it makes the perfect location for an engagement session. And, we're not even close to finish yet. After Gantry Plaza State Park, we went to Astoria Park in Queens, New York. This is their special place together. They spend a lot of their time here at Astoria Park. They do picnics, they write songs, they pray, and they play here at this very park. It was so beautiful!

Tim + Stephanie, thank you again for letting us capture your glorious moments in life. Your faith and love for God truly inspire us to be better! We pray for your wedding planning that it goes smoothly! Can't wait for your wedding next year at Terrace on The Park, Queens, NYC.

Does this engagement session makes you wanna fly to NYC and do your engagement session in NYC? I mean, that NYC skyline can't get any better than that! Or, think about somewhere better for your engagement session? Let us know!

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